Barge Gangways

Rely on the highest level of marine access and marine loading.

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When it comes to safety, we don’t hold back. Sometimes access to a ship can be inadequate or outdated and it’s up to the employer to make sure it gets fixed. At Carbis, our engineers know the ins and outs of safe access and egress and they can design a custom gangway for your workers. Simply give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help you determine if your equipment is up to date.


  • Barge Gangways Provide Sure Footing
  • Marine grade aluminum construction is lightweight yet strong and durable.Adjusts to variations in tide and barge equipment.
  • Operate by crane, winch, hydraulic or pneumatic drives.
  • Telescoping units are also available.

Mounting Options:

  • Float mode – lets the barge drift under the gangway when water level changes occur.
  • Pivot mounting – permits access to several points on the barge but is limited to the reach from the fixed mounting position.
  • Track mounting – allows the gangway to travel up and down the dock for access to one or several barges.


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