Loading Rack Safety Solutions

Loading Rack Safety Solutions

Loading rack safety is important in all environments that require loading and unloading of materials. Carbis Solutions offers comprehensive loading rack safety systems for marine, truck, and railcar applications.

From design through fabrication and installation, our knowledgeable team guides you throughout the process. We provide support after the sale, as well, offering training manuals, online or onsite operator training, re-certification, and safety audits to keep your workers safer and throughputs flowing.

To help you determine the best loading rack safety solution for your needs, we’ve put together a guide on safety rack-related solutions. Read along below in chronological order or jump to the section that interests you the most.

How to Know if Your Loading Rack Needs Updating

If loading racks came with expiration dates, it would be a lot easier to tell when your equipment needs an update. Because they don’t, it’s important to be mindful of factors such as age of the equipment, changing loading patterns or usage, and lack of training or awareness about what the equipment is designed to do.

If the loading rack on the job is beginning to show its years or you’re unsure what vehicle(s) the loading rack was built for and there’s no documentation, it’s probably time for an update. At the very least, it’s time to have it evaluated to make sure it meets industry standards.

The dangers of using outdated loading rack equipment are numerous and can cause huge losses for your company in the form of lives, injuries, lawsuits, or downtime. Ensuring your company has the right loading rack solution will give you peace of mind, knowing that your workers will be safer and more productive on the job.

An up-to-date loading rack system can:

  • Reduce the potential for falls and other injuries
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Provide access to multiple hatches on different types of trucks or railcars
  • Ensure adherence to OSHA regulations

Carbis can consult with you to help determine workers’ specific needs and make sure your company’s fall prevention equipment is up to current OSHA standards.

Loading Rack Safety Assessments

OSHA’s new standards, effective January 2017, cite that most injuries in the workplace result from a lack of initial and ongoing training and oversight of the processes. Carbis’s dedication to creating safer work environments starts with an overall safety assessment to determine what—if any—hazards may exist.

This simple assessment may mean the difference between a workplace where dangerous conditions can lead to a life-threatening incident, or a workplace made safer with:

  • Up-to-date safety procedures
  • Properly maintained equipment
  • Regularly scheduled worker training

Loading Rack Safety Assessments offer in-depth analysis and insight into whether your equipment is still doing the job safely and effectively.

The equipment that was installed to handle a specific process or loading operation is often less than ideal when servicing new vehicles or new product lines. Whether it is a transition to ISOtainers or the addition of a new line of chemicals, we can help you figure out how to bring your loading rack into line with your current needs.

You might need a hazard analysis of a particular spot, or of your entire operation—either way, our team of fall protection specialists can help you to get the most out of your equipment, increasing safety and throughput. We’ll work with you to identify the areas of your business that need the most attention and help you create a plan to optimize your operation.

Improve Truck Loading Access and Safety

From securing cargo on flatbed trucks to spotting tank and hopper trucks, loading and unloading present serious safety and efficiency challenges. Specialized equipment, safety training, and proper procedures are essential to protect your employees and your company’s bottom line. Many loading spots evolve as various truck shapes and sizes demand new practices and processes. These small changes may contribute to unsafe truck spotting, increasing the risk of injury and fatal falls.

Since each truck loading facility has specific needs and presents unique potential hazards, it’s important to work closely with a trusted safety expert. At Carbis Solutions, we start by determining your specific truck loading rack requirements and safety goals. The factors we assess include:

  • The operator’s tasks and environment during loading and unloading
  • The impact of varying truck sizes and configurations
  • The properties of your product and any safety hazards it may present
  • Your specific access needs during loading and unloading
  • Varying access points on the truck
  • Equipment needed to correctly spot the truck in the proper location
  • Your internal safety standards as well as applicable industry standards and best practices
  • How your site layout and traffic flow impact the safety equipment you use
  • Power limitations for electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment
  • Climate considerations

A comprehensive truck safety solution, tailored to your needs, is essential to meet these challenges and maintain efficient throughput.

Carbis Solutions Truck Loading Platforms are available with single-hatch truck loading or multiple-hatch truck racks. Whether you want to easily sample from one truck or transload between multiple vehicles, our reliable single-hatch truck systems let you move your product quickly with minimal disruption. 

You can discuss your current system needs with a loading rack expert during a Safety Assessment. We have been providing fall protection solutions for more than 40 years and look forward to sharing our experience with you on your next project.

Keep Workers Safer with Railcar Loading Racks

Working four feet or higher above the ground requires special equipment. A fall from that height can cause serious damage, and sometimes even death. Fall prevention equipment that meets OSHA, industry, and local safety standards is required for any type of work that takes place at elevations four feet or higher—including the loading and offloading of railcars.

The benefits of Carbis railcar loading rack solutions include:

  • Safer working conditions
  • Immediate access to all required areas
  • Faster throughput
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Reduced downtime
  • More satisfied customers

The Right Equipment for the Job

If your company’s operators access the tops of railcars for venting, loading, and offloading, then you need loading racks for ideal safety. By using OSHA-approved fall prevention products, your business can conduct all operations with full confidence knowing that workers are safer and more productive.

Carbis offers comprehensive loading rack safety systems and accessories, including, but not limited to:

  • Tracking gangways
  • Protective canopies
  • Articulating or elevating railcar cages

We design custom solutions and can retrofit equipment to meet your needs that integrates seamlessly within the existing environment. 

Multi-Hatch Railcars

Rail cars with multiple hatches require customized equipment to access the entire length of the railcar safely and easily. With the proper equipment, your workforce can access the entire length of all railcar types with the highest level of safety. Not all railcars are exactly the same, so it’s critical that your equipment provider understands the details of constructing effective fall prevention solutions.

Once your operators have quick and safe access to all areas of a railcar at one time, the result is faster throughput and enhanced safety. Railcar loading racks should be designed to clear railcar envelopes with manually operated or powered systems. 

Single-Hatch Railcars

Loading racks for both single and multiple hatches can be designed as single- or double-sided models, depending on the size and needs of your facility. All racks are designed with the focus on fall protection requirements established by OSHA.

Railcar loading rack advantages include:

  • Cost and time savings—parts are shipped in modular components that can be bolted together for quick assembly, saving time and money
  • Added efficiency—activity is focused in one place with a single loading platform, creating more space in the processing area
  • Custom configurations—loading racks can be configured to include pipe supports and bridges

Carbis can design single- or multiple-railcar loading and unloading facilities to accommodate both coupled and uncoupled railcars. With more than 80 years of experience, we can also guarantee that our full fall protection systems will meet all of your requirements and OSHA’s.

Comprehensive Marine Safety Solutions for Access and Loading

Whether workers are accessing a ship from the dock or loading chemical and petroleum barges, marine operations face unique safety challenges—the changing tides, constant motion, and wide variation in vessel size and configuration, to name a few.

A proactive approach to marine safety and the use of specialized safety equipment are essential to protect your employees, your facility, and your products. With so much at stake, you need a comprehensive marine safety solution tailored to your specific operations and work environment.

Since each marine site has different needs and safety challenges, it’s vital to work closely with a trusted vendor. At Carbis Solutions, we start by determining your specific requirements and safety goals. The factors we assess include:

  • How limited dock and/or vessel space impacts the safety equipment you use
  • Variances in low and high water at your location
  • The types of ships, barges, or other vessels you need to accommodate
  • Variances in vessel draft from unloaded to loaded
  • Your internal safety standards, as well as applicable industry standards
  • Power limitations for electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment
  • Unique climate considerations
  • How to protect critical points from corrosion

After assessing your needs, we work with you to design a marine access solution for your facility that helps to improve safety while increasing productivity.

Invest in Safety for Long-Term Benefits

Loading rack safety has no expiration date. Investing in up-to-date loading rack safety solutions keeps your workers safer and processes uninterrupted. The long-term benefits include not only helping keep workers safer and ensuring regulatory compliance, but over time, can result in fewer accidents and lower associated costs.

You also gain better protection for your products and more streamlined ways of accessing them for unloading and loading. The benefits to your bottom line are significant and make the investment more than worthwhile.

We always look beneath the surface and talk with our customers to fully understand what they need so that we can deliver the most beneficial, cost effective solution possible. Carbis Solutions provides:

  • Complete design and engineering to help make your dream a reality
  • Custom fabrication to meet your unique requirements
  • Online or on-site training to teach your operators how to operate new equipment
  • Full loading arm and/or spill containment integration
  • Annualized recertification programs to ensure operator safety and loading spot efficiency for years to come

Take the Time to Make it Safe!

Carbis takes the time to hear exactly what challenges you are facing so we can work with our design team to create the right solutions for you. Check out this video of a plant manager who reveals how Carbis helped make his truck stop safer. It all started for him with our Safety Assessment.

Does your organization have a “safety culture?” This means focusing on overall workplace safety, and not just from a compliance mindset. Carbis partners with you as your solutions provider—from budgetary ideas through design implementation, and beyond. We’d love to discuss the safety solutions that are right for you and your employees. Schedule your Safety Assessment today!

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