Achieving MSHA Compliance And Boosting Worker Safety

A major cement and mineral components manufacturer realized it was time to improve worker safety
The Problem:

Inadequate Fall Prevention And Lack Of MSHA Compliance

The company’s pre-existing solution had two major problems. First, it had not been designed by professional fall prevention experts and left workers at risk of experiencing injurious, work-halting falls. Second, it did not meet MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) compliance standards, which exposed the company to the risk of costly fines.

To reduce the threats to its bottom line and its workers’ safety, the company needed to take action.

The Solution:

A Custom-Designed And Professionally Engineered Fall Prevention System From Carbis Solutions

Determined to achieve enhanced safety on a limited timeline, the cement company selected Carbis Solutions as its partner for the project.

Carbis’ engineers designed a custom solution that met the facility’s worker safety needs, while complying with MSHA regulations and adhering to the cement company’s timeline and budget.

The Result:

Safer Workers, MSHA Compliance And Company Satisfaction

The cement company’s workers quickly realized that the new fall prevention system keeps them safer and is easier to use than the previously homemade solution. The cement company is also satisfied because it has limited its financial risks.

In fact, the company is so pleased with the custom-designed safety system that it ordered a second one. With professionally designed safety solutions, the cement company has significantly reduced its risks of both worker injuries and MSHA non-compliance fines.


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