Comprehensive Safety Solutions For Unit Train Loading and Unloading

Unit trains, especially common in the crude oil market, consist of tank cars carrying the same commodity from the origin to a single destination. Tank car design and your loading and unloading processes have a significant impact on rail safety and efficiency.

While the hatch openings on tank cars have built-­in railings, they do not reach OSHA’s recommended handrail height for fall prevention. Even with an additional safety cage, an employee could fall by sliding beneath the crashbox/operator platform railing.

To address these safety and efficiency challenges, you need a comprehensive rail safety solution tailored to accommodate your unit trains, processes and facility needs.

Our Solutions-Based Approach To Unit Train Sites

Since each unit train facility has different needs and potential hazards, it’s essential to work closely with a trusted vendor. At Carbis Solutions, we create comprehensive rail safety solutions, applying more than 40 years of experience in fall prevention designs applicable to rolling stock.

The factors we assess include:

  • Crashbox/operator platform railing configurations
  • Loading processes for coupled and uncoupled cars
  • Variations in rail car dome size and shape
  • The operator’s tasks and environment while working with unit trains
  • The properties of your product and any safety hazards it may present
  • Your access needs during loading and unloading
  • How curved tracks may affect centerlines for the rail car
  • Your internal safety standards as well as applicable industry standards and best practices
  • How your site layout impacts the safety equipment you use
  • Power limitations for electric, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment
  • Climate considerations

After assessing your company’s needs, we work with you to design a custom solution for your unit train facility to help improve safety and increase throughput.