Safety training is an essential part of any workplace.

Trained employees are better able to do their jobs efficiently and safely, but all too often training is overlooked as expensive or inconvenient.  With tight timelines, it is hard to dedicate the time to making sure that the training is not only performed, but that it is performed consistently across the entire operation.

According to OSHA in 1910.30, your employees are required to be trained in how to spot fall hazard exposure and how to avoid them, as well as how to properly maintain and operate the equipment they are using to keep themselves safe.  Additionally, they are required to be retrained if they don’t understand or if there are any changes to their job requirements.

Sam Carbis Solutions Group has developed and implemented a training program to train your operators to use the equipment at your facility, in the safest and most efficient way.  Training includes hazard awareness, maintenance, and the proper operation of your equipment incorporating your operational guidelines.  We can conduct this training onsite or online, as is needed.  We can also tie in to your existing employee training protocal in many situations, or help you to adopt a new one.

If you prefer, Carbis can train your own on-site trainers, allowing you to continue the training program throughout your entire facility.  Safety is at the core of what we do, let us help you to keep your people safer and your products flowing.