Fall Prevention Equipment For A Conditioned Storage Facilities Company

Learn how a conditioned storage facilities provider sought to enhance worker safety at their work site with custom fall prevention equipment
The Problem:

A Company Needed Fall Prevention Solutions To Improve Worker Safety

The company is the world’s largest provider of conditioned storage facilities for bulk liquids, and has one of the largest terminals on the Gulf Coast. Worker safety is a priority for the company’s leaders, so they decided to evaluate their needs in order to find the right safety solutions for their workforce.

As they inspected their facility and safety equipment in Deer Park, Texas, the provider realized that they needed to update their existing gangways to ensure safe working conditions for their employees. Additionally, they needed to maintain OSHA compliance standards.

The Solution:

A Proactive Choice To Install Custom Fall Prevention Equipment

The provider chose Carbis Solutions, the world leader in fall prevention systems, to create a custom gangway. The retrofitted gangway integrated the company’s existing platforms within the new design, ensuring the equipment’s ease of use.

To accommodate a wide variance in rail car size, Carbis Solutions also modified the company’s base treads. A safety cage with a telescoping catwalk helped the provider account for railcar misspotting, which increased the site’s safety. Vehicle misspotting is one of the leading causes of fatal falls from vehicles.

The Result:

Compliance With OSHA Standards And A Safer Workplace

Carbis Solutions met the company’s safety needs with custom fall prevention equipment that fully integrated within the work site setting.

Now that the custom gangways have been installed, the provider anticipates maintaining OSHA compliance with safe working standards. Enhanced safety precautions and improved, user-friendly fall prevention equipment make the company a safer place to work for all employees.


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