Fall Prevention Supports Efficient Truck Loading

A Fortune 100 grain and foods company was facing a challenge: balancing the demand for faster throughput and employee productivity with the need to preserve worker safety
The Problem:

Safety Infrastructure That Didn’t Support Efficiency Innovations

To increase organizational efficiency and speed throughput, the company had just launched a new truck loading process that reduced the amount of time it took to load each truck.

However, a review of existing infrastructure revealed that the company’s current fall prevention equipment did not support the new process.

To keep the new process in place, the grain company decided it needed to upgrade its safety equipment.

The Solution:

A Custom Truck Loading Fall Prevention Safety System

After evaluating several potential vendors, the company selected Carbis Solutions as its partner for the project.

Carbis Solutions’ engineers designed a custom safety solution that gave workers access to multiple truck hatches to quickly and safely load and unload the trucks. They also provided a landing and stairs to connect the company’s pre-existing safety platform with a newly installed platform. Additionally, the safety solutions provider made sure the design accommodated the slight slope that the trucks parked on in the facility.

The Result:

Safer Workers And More Efficient Truck Loading

Since implementing the upgraded safety solution, the grain company has seen greater truck loading efficiency with the new process and a safer work environment where its employees are less likely to experience injurious falls.