How Better (And Safer) Barge Access Benefited A Mining Customer

A leading global mining company based in Southern California discovered that updated access equipment could improve its repair time on barges as well as maximize workplace safety
The Problem:

In its barge loading process, the company’s employees used a combination of old gangways and ladders to access, repair and exit the vessels. This process not only wasted time but also posed a threat to employee safety.

The mining company quickly searched for a partner to update its existing infrastructure for greater efficiency and safety. That’s when it found Carbis Solutions.

The Solution:

Not only did Carbis have expertise in marine access solutions, but they also had superior attentiveness and response time to the mining company’s requests.

The experts at Carbis Solutions proposed a fixed barge access gangway that quickly and safely allowed workers to access the barge at any tide level.

After installation, the barge gangway and access equipment increased productivity and provided extra safety for dock workers. The fixed access gangway eliminated the need for a forklift to move a gangway or ladder into place, and the single piece of equipment also meant workers could access barges with a proper walk surface and handrails.

The Result:

As a result of the partnership with Carbis Solutions, the mining industry client now safely accesses barges at a faster rate than ever. What’s more, no safety issues have occurred since installation.


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