Increasing Productivity With Customer Worker Safety Solutions

Improvements to employee productivity & worker safety coincide. A chemical manufacturing company facing aging safety infrastructure and cumbersome truck cleaning processes experienced this
The Problem:

An Inefficient And Decaying Safety System

The company had a pre-existing truck cleaning setup that was inefficient and unsafe.

Workers accessed the tanker trucks via two separate gangways. As each gangway featured a separate safety cage, operators had to return to a platform each time they needed to get to the other side of the trailer. This added a considerable amount of wasted time to the truck cleaning process.

Additionally, due to years of exposure to corrosive cleaning chemicals, the gangways were showing signs of decay, which created unsafe conditions for employees.

After reviewing its processes and equipment, the company knew it was time to look for a safety solution that increased operational efficiency and enhanced worker safety.

The Solution:

A Custom-Designed Tanker Truck Access Safety System

The chemical manufacturing company reviewed several potential vendors before choosing Carbis Solutions for its experience and reputation for flexibility. The company also selected Carbis because of the safety solutions provider’s willingness to fully incorporate the company’s requirements into the final design and installation.

After working closely with the chemical manufacturing company through an eight-month design and construction process, Carbis Solutions provided a custom-designed tanker truck access safety system that fully complied with the company’s safety requirements.

The Result:

Increased Operational Efficiency And Worker Safety

Using a modal system with flip-up panels, the custom-designed safety solution allows operators to access the entire vehicle from one entry point. The flip-up panels eliminate the need to walk on the vehicle, further ensuring operator safety. The safety solution also incorporates a festooning system to account for overhead crane equipment, which eliminates excess trip hazards on the platform and modal.

With its custom-designed tanker truck access solution, the chemical manufacturing company has increased worker safety and the efficiency of its truck cleaning process.

The custom solution has also reduced safety hazards and improved structural integrity, while giving operators the ability to perform their duties in a safe and efficient manner.




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