Increasing Throughput With A Custom Safety Rack

A large international provider of orange juice & orange byproducts had a problem. Its method of accessing the tops of tanker trucks & ISO containers to sample products was inefficient & unsafe
The Problem

Reliance On Ladders Slowed Throughput

Each time its workers needed to access the tops of tanker trucks and ISO containers to sample the company’s orange products, they needed to climb ladders.

This cumbersome process not only proved inefficient in terms of product movement, but it also posed unnecessary risks to the workers.

The orange products company knew it needed a faster, safer way to access its products.

The Solution:

A Custom Tanker Truck And ISO Container Safety Rack

The company began searching for a provider that could implement a cost-effective safety solution to integrate successfully with its existing infrastructure. After a careful review process, the orange products provider selected Carbis Solutions for its design expertise and extensive experience with fall prevention solutions.

Carbis’ engineers designed a custom safety rack that worked with the orange products company’s existing equipment and offered safer, efficient access to vehicles of different lengths and heights.

The Result:

Improved Worker Safety And Faster Throughput

After implementing the custom safety rack, the orange products provider experienced improved throughput at its facility as well as a safer working environment for its employees.