Meeting Safety Standards With Fall Prevention Equipment

Like many businesses, a major oil company has safety standards that are more stringent than required by governmental regulations
The Problem:

Outdated Fall Prevention Equipment At A Chemical Plant

The company grew concerned that its chemical plant, which has over 1,800 employees and produces over six billion pounds of petrochemical products per year, was no longer meeting its strict corporate safety standards.

Having worked with Carbis Solutions for its fall prevention needs in the past, the oil company remembered its positive experience and once again turned to the safety solutions provider for help.

The Solution:

A Thorough Safety Audit And Upgraded Fall Prevention Equipment

Carbis Solutions sent engineers to the chemical plant facility to assess exactly where improvements were needed. After a thorough safety audit, the engineers determined that the facility required multiple safety equipment upgrades in its Tank Wash and Chlorine departments.

After providing safety recommendations and getting the oil company’s approval, Carbis Solutions built safety platforms with access gangways and brand new elevating rail car cages with guardrails that enclosed the entire top portion of the rail car. They also made upgrades to existing ramps.

The Result:

Increased Worker Safety That Meets Strict Corporate Safety Standards

The oil company now has better safety equipment that meets its stringent corporate standards, complies with industry guidelines, prevents falls and helps increase productivity. With a safer workplace in mind, the company relies on Carbis Solutions for fixes and upgrades when old equipment wears down or becomes outdated.

By striving for an incident-free workplace and fostering a safety culture, the company affirms its commitment to worker safety and protects its bottom line by avoiding costly accidents.



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