Safety Cage System Improves Fall Prevention

A global food and beverage producer with more than 1,600 employees and round-the-clock production in four facilities had a truck access problem.
The Problem:

Outdated Truck Access Platforms

Due to the growth of its business, the company’s antiquated truck access platforms no longer met its needs. These platforms were forcing the food and beverage producer’s employees to rely on fall protection harnesses to access its trucks. The situation was inefficient and unsafe.

The company had a strong desire for a better system that improved access and complied with both corporate safety standards and governmental safety regulations.

The Solution:

A Safety Cage Truck Access System

After reviewing potential safety solutions providers, the food and beverage producer selected Carbis Solutions as its partner. The company chose Carbis for its expertise in fall prevention and customized bulk loading equipment.

Carbis Solutions’ engineers designed and constructed a comprehensive safety cage system that eliminated the need for harnesses.

The system was designed to integrate into the food and beverage producer’s existing infrastructure. As a result, the company’s own maintenance personnel installed the system in less than eight hours, which minimized production downtime.

The Result:

Safer Employees And Better Truck Access

Because of its new safety cage system, the food and beverage producer provides its operators with safer access to trucks while adhering to strict safety standards. The fully powered system is in place at all times to protect the operators.

Due to the success of the safety cage system, the food and beverage producer plans to install a similar system at one of its facilities in New York.