Protect Workers From Adverse Weather Conditions

Keep your work area safe, dry and shaded with a canopy.

Extreme hot or cold weather conditions are brutal on your employees and may lead to exhaustion, dehydration, stress and more.

Canopy systems from Carbis Solutions deflect some of the heat from the sun and also provide protection from rain, snow and sleet. A canopy helps keep workers, equipment and products drier, meaning less contamination, slips, falls and accidents.

Better Protection = Better Workflow!

At Carbis we believe that safety is the most important consideration at the loading rack, that is why we encourage the use of canopies over our equipment. By protecting your workers from the environment, you reduce slips and falls due to rain, snow, or ice, as well as reducing sun exposure issues.

  • Options available for rail cars and trucks
  • Creates a safer working environment for employees
  • Protects workers from weather during loading and unloading