Safety Check and Assessment

Safety is a very small word for a very big ideal!

Each night that your employees go home safely at the end of their shift is a testament to your care and vigilance in ensuring the safety of their working environment.

Routine safety inspections can help to keep your workers working in the safest, most efficient manner.  By protecting against potential dangers, you increase the feeling of security among your employees as well as reducing the inevitable costs associated with preventable accidents.  The loss of revenue associated with lost production time, increased workman’s compensation premiums, and medical and legal fees can rapidly become overwhelming.

At Sam Carbis Solutions Group, safety is at the heart of everything that we do.  For over 30 years, the Fortune 500 has looked to us for help in solving their most challenging fall protection issues, and we have been there, not just as sales folks but as partners in safety.

If you want to perform your own routine safety inspections and fall protection assessments, we are happy to help you with our Safety Check program.  We will consult with you over the phone to discuss how best to address your most harrowing fall protection situations to help you to arrive at a solution.

If you feel that you need a more thorough, hands on approach, we offer Fall Protection Safety Assessments of your current state, we will be happy to travel to your facility for a walkthrough of one spot or a complete safety audit of your entire facility.

At the end of a Carbis Solutions Safety Assessment you will receive a written, detailed report documenting our findings as well as recommending what we believe to be good, better, and best practices for you to implement at troubling spots.

Let us put our lifetime of fall protection training and knowledge to work for you, call us at the number below and schedule your safety check today.