Fall Prevention from Tankers-What’s New?

  • Gravity has not done much for a while now and remains the primary issue.
  • Concrete is also another negative aspect.
  • Tanker heights have increased over the last 20 years from an average of 10.5 feet to a maximum 13.75 feet.
  • Finally, legislation and awareness of the dangers has increased globally and now the Prevention of Falls from Heights has found its way into legislation in most countries around the world.

With those four factors as our starting point we will try to provide some guidance on how to develop a strategy for selecting the right equipment to make tanker top operations safer.

A question asked often in our business is “what’s new?” In many cases, it is an inquiry made in the hope that someone, somewhere, has devised a new and ingenious method for providing complete  safety of operators on tanker tops, with an installed cost of practically zero.


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