Truck Spotting

How do you prevent this at your facility?

When truck drivers mis-spot their truck at your facility, do you think they reposition the truck or compromise their safety?

It could have happened at your facility.
On April 16, 2004, a 74-year-old truck driver was fatally injured at a cement plant and quarry after falling from his truck due to a loading accident. Unfortunately, this accident was preventable. Even though this incident occurred at a cement facility, the same disastrous set of circumstances could have occurred at any plant with industrial truck loading and unloading. So, pay attention as we dive into this fall prevention safety story – lest a similar accident occur at your facility.

The Circumstances
When the truck driver arrived at the cement plant for his regular morning shift, the usual cement-loading chute was closed, so he had to turn his truck 180 degrees to access a different cement-loading chute. In the process of correcting his position, the driver failed to park his truck fully parallel … download the white paper to continue reading.

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