4 Ways To Establish Marine Safety And Ship Loading Success

marine-safety-ship-loading-successIncreasing marine safety while maintaining optimal production efficiency at your marine terminal is never easy.

Your marine terminal likely has large containers getting moved around, forklifts transporting pallets of goods and workers getting on and off ships and barges of various sizes. In order to keep the supply chain moving and meet corporate and OSHA compliance standards, you need to implement safety solutions that maintain the highest workplace safety standards for your marine facility.

Here are four solutions that improve marine safety and keep cargo moving at your marine terminal.

1. Marine Towers Improve Access And Boost Marine Safety

Adding a marine tower to your terminal gives you a more versatile means of ship access and helps keep your workers safe. These tower gangway systems can be customized to your needs, allowing for access to multiple points on a ship and ships of various sizes. They also offer great fall prevention capabilities, reducing the likelihood of slips, trips and falls that could injure workers and slow the supply chain.

2. Barge Gangways Keep Workers Safe

Even when docked, barges are moving targets. The last thing you want when loading or unloading a barge is for one of your workers to fall between the barge and the dock. Not only could this lead to a workers’ compensation claim, but it would certainly halt the loading and unloading process, slowing the supply chain. Barge gangways give your employees a much simpler and safer way to get on and off a barge than jumping. These gangways can be customized to the needs of any facility to ensure better access and the faster movement of cargo.

3. Forklift Safety Training Prevents Accidents

Federal law and OSHA compliance standards mandate that all forklift operators are trained and certified. However, many forklift accidents are not caused by operator negligence, but rather by the workers around them. To keep cargo moving back and forth from storage units to ships, make sure all of your employees receive proper training on the ways to stay safe around moving forklifts.

4. Consult With An Expert To Identify Safety Hazards

There are likely safety hazards in your marine terminal that you are not yet aware of. Prevent future accidents by consulting with a safety coach who applies expert industry knowledge to identify hazards and help you implement custom safety solutions before any of your employees are injured.

Installing and implementing marine safety solutions at your marine terminal helps keep cargo moving and workers safe. Ensure your terminal runs efficiently by following the guidelines above.

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