Carbis Solutions Launches New Safety-First Website

World Leader in Safety Solutions and Equipment Focuses on Sharing Risk-Prevention Information to Keep Workers Safer

February 22, 2018 — Carbis Solutions, the world leader in fall protection safety solutions, launched its new Safety-First website on February 20, 2018. The website provides a host of information to help keep workers safer when accessing ships, trains, trucks, airplanes or facilities.

“It’s not about how much equipment we can sell, it’s about keeping people safer,” says Shawn Mizell, Carbis President, CEO, and COO. “Our new website focuses on helping companies keep their workers safer by offering them the tools they need and real, hands-on information.”

Carbis’ new website,, features resources, training, and information on reducing fall risk and hazards in the workplace to keep workers safer. Visitors can learn about equipment maintenance, changing OSHA regulations and new designs and solutions from Carbis.

“Our equipment is built to last a long time, but it must be properly maintained to ensure safety,” says Mizell. “Often times, the person who purchased our safety equipment is long gone and with them, the knowledge of how to maintain the equipment.”

If equipment isn’t functioning properly, or the wrong equipment for the application is being used, workers could be at risk. “Over time, a facility may change the nature of its loading operation, such as the type of vehicle coming in or a change in traffic pattern. These changes alter the function of fall protection equipment, so workers are often unknowingly put at risk,” says Mizell.

The new site provides guidance on how best to maintain equipment to help ensure safety day-to-day, such as how to adjust springs or when to add lubricating oil to a loading arm, as well as recommendations for safety equipment such as a Lift Resist Device (LRD), to protect against falls. A LRD prevents a worker from moving the lift cage out of the way to access a hatch, which can create a falling hazard. The site also recommends that workers understanding spotting—ensuring equipment is in the correct position—to avoid creating unnecessary risk.

Carbis’ focus on safety began in 1930 when the company invented aluminum fire truck ladders to help keep firefighters safer. Since that time, Carbis has innovated safety solutions for a broad range of industries. Says Mizell: “Our goal has remained the same, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to get the information they need to keep their people safer and products flowing.”

About Carbis Solutions

Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC is the world leader in building customized bulk loading access equipment and structural steel components. Many of the systems considered standard in the bulk loading industry were developed by Carbis engineers for its customers. Carbis is passionate about partnering with customers to help keep people safer and products flowing.


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