A Call to Loading Arms

Employees who work on a ship are subject to a few more hazards than the rest of us. If a worker takes a tumble into the water from several stories high it could be quite dangerous. Also, the weight of the products being loaded/unloaded can crush anything, or anyone, underneath. Consequently extra safety measures such as marine loading arms make sense when loading/unloading a ship.

Marine loading arms can save time, money and manpower while adding safety to the task of loading and unloading. They can transfer at higher loading rates and pressures than hoses. Loading arms are often preferable to hoses because they provide the strength and stability necessary to get the job done.

Hoses are not only heavy they cause clutter and can be a tripping hazard. Sometimes hoses leak or break which slows down production. Marine loading arms allow you to eliminate trips, falls, broken hoses and down time. They’re also easy to store. Unlike hoses, loading arms are powered and counter balanced for easy manipulation.

Make your ship more productive by removing hoses and adding marine loading arms. There will be more dock workspace, the ergonomic design helps lessen injury incidents and fail safes protect from major spills.

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