Armed with Safety and Efficiency

Okay, you’ve purchased loading arms for your company so workers don’t have to lug around heavy hoses causing injury and creating trip and fall hazards. But now what? In order to make the most of your new loading arms as far as efficiency and safety are concerned you may want to look at some accessories that can help.

API Couplers
API couplers make a safe connection between tank truck and loading arm.
Using API couplers helps ensure the operation is secure before a worker starts the flow process. Safety features include assurance of a proper connection before the operation will begin. No disconnection will take place either if the valve is still open. This helps create a safer workplace and keeps the environment safe by preventing spills during connection and disconnection.

API couplers can be used in the petrochemical industry when dry coupling is required. Constructed using aluminum alloy with hard coated surfaces in areas that are subject to wear. Viton® seals are easy to remove for maintenance meaning less down time for your work force.

Cam and Groove Couplings
As loading arm accessories, cam and groove couplings are a must-have and they’re easy to use. The cam and groove creates a tight seal against the gasket inside the coupler making it easy to connect and disconnect hoses carrying certain fluids and dry bulk materials. If you need a quick disconnect and a positive seal, cam and groove couplings can handle it. They work well with dry bulk, gas and liquids.

Dry Disconnects
Prevent an environmental spill when loading and unloading multiple vehicles and hatches by using a dry disconnect. Let’s say a loading arm is accidentally left connected to a vehicle that drives off. Fuel or chemicals could leak out and cause a big environmental problem. Dry disconnects help to keep this scenario from happening. The dry disconnect automatically closes off both ends of the break away point in the event of a drive off. Dry disconnects can be used for trucks, rail cars, even marine vessels.

Dry disconnects are simple to use and inexpensive, too. Your business has the responsibility of protecting employees as well as the environment. A dry disconnect on a loading arm will protect against the cost and pain of a chemical spill. 

Flow Meters
If your business needs precise liquid measurement, a flow meter is ideal. Since there’s no metal-to-metal contact inside the chamber, there’s no wear so the meter remains accurate throughout its long service life. Whether you need a flow meter for petroleum, oil or other chemicals, they are a simple and efficient way to accurately meter your company’s product. There are different meters for different products including gasoline, fuel oils, bio-diesel, soy oil, kerosene, anti-freeze and more.

Flow meters have many excellent features including:
• Dependable accuracy 

• Low maintenance
• Long service life
• Compact and lightweight
• Range of measurement applications

Manifolds let you load different products through a single loading arm thereby eliminating the need for multiple arms. This allows more free space on the loading rack. Operators select which product they need to load by connecting a rotating pipe system to the desired line. Dry disconnect couplers are arranged in a clock layout so switching between product lines is simple and quick with no spillage. A manifold can be used with loading arms and can be constructed using various materials to suit most applications.

Swivel Joints
Swivel joints can be standard or custom-made. Just as the name suggests the joints swivel to make it more ergonomic for the operator to make a pipe connection to a loading arm. Swivel joints are designed with different orientations and provide a leak free solution plus 360-degree mobility. Usually they’re constructed of stainless or carbon steel, and can be lined to accommodate certain liquids. Swivel joints also prevent bends in hoses, which can reduce flow or rip causing a chemical spill. They also prove the operator ease use when coupling product lines, which will increase throughput and improve the ergonomics of the operation.

Have your company’s loading arms reach their full potential by evaluating the accessories that will streamline workers’ job duties preventing chemical spills, ergonomic injuries, and downtime while improving workflow and accuracy. Click Here or call 1-800-948-7750 to contact Carbis today and we’ll help you assess and determine the loading arm accessories that are right for your business applications.

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