Biogas – The Versatile Fuel

Versatile uses, solutions to America’s excessive waste issues and job creation – is there anything negative about renewable natural gas? It starts out as biogas from landfills and animal manure yet once it’s purified to proper standards it is given the name renewable natural gas which can be used to provide fuel for all sorts of things including electricity, heat, and can act as a substitute for natural gas in natural gas vehicles.

Consisting of 20% to 50% carbon dioxide and 50% to 80% methane, biogas will probably have traces of carbon monoxide, hydrogen and nitrogen gases. In comparison, conventional natural gas is more than 70% methane with traces of hydrocarbons such as butane and propane.

Biogas is everywhere and can aid in our nation’s search for alternative fuels. Equally important is the fact that it would help dispose of landfill and other solid wastes. Biogas can be created from decomposing organic matter including sewage, animal byproducts, and solid waste from agricultural, industrial and municipal sources. Once purified, biogas can be distributed using the natural gas grid already in place.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could dispose of some of this country’s massive waste by turning it into fuel? It’s a brilliant solution. Methane can be acquired from landfills and animal manure to produce biogas. In addition to creating fuel and cutting down on our waste production, purifying biogas will create jobs and benefit our nation’s economy. Biogas prevents the release of methane into the atmosphere.

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