Bottom Loading Arms

Bottom Loading Arm Systems are the ideal solution when it comes to fall prevention. There are plenty of other benefits as well: – Operator remains on the ground avoiding falls. – Connections can be made quickly reducing overall loading time. – Bottom loading fills tanks faster and creates less turbulence in the tank so the danger of generating static electricity is reduced. – Multiple compartments can be loaded simultaneously. – Bottom loading reduces vapors.

There are different types of bottom loading arm systems to handle anything from food and water to aggressive chemicals and acids.

Unsupported Boom Type Bottom Loader provides flexible long-range operation that’s reliable and easy to use. Five swivel planes of rotation create the flexibility that makes tight connections possible for loading and unloading rail cars and tank trucks. The unsupported boom type loader is quite versatile and is typically installed at or near ground level. Arms of varying lengths can be mounted on staggered risers to achieve crossover and for storing multiple arms in a tight space.

Easy to connect and operate
Swivel accommodates elevation changes
Can be safely stored for vehicle clearance
Flexible loader can compensate for vehicle mis-spotting
Scissor-back storage uses less space


“A” Frame Bottom Loader uses a spring balance system with a flexible hose or rigid pipe for the secondary arm length. It’s one of the more popular loading arm configurations because of its flexibility, long reach, convenience and ease of use. “A” Frame Loader adjusts for changes in elevation or tilting of the vehicle during loading or unloading. The “A” Frame Bottom Loader is recommended for servicing both sides of the platform and for adjacent arm crossover. Arm stores neatly in the upright position so it can swing around easily for loading from either side of the island. Most often used for tank truck bottom loading, “A” Frame arms can also be used in top loading/unloading installations.

Easy handling with long reach
Swivel joints for low maintenance
Spring cylinder balance is simple to adjust
Easily stored away from vehicles
Arms can be mounted close together for multiple product applications
Can be used for crossover


“A” Frame Hose Loader is basically the same as the conventional “A” Frame except it uses flexible hose instead of rigid piping on the secondary arm. The arms can be staggered for crossover and conformance to API envelope requirements. “A” Frame Hose Loaders are often stored upright so they can load from both sides of the island. In addition to bottom loading, the “A” Frame Hose Loader can be used as a vapor arm.

Vapor arm
Easily stored
Mounting can be staggered for multiple product applications
Crossover is easily achieved


Counterweighted Bottom Hose Loader is designed for multiple connections where crossovers are required. Adjustable counterweights on a pair of horizontal rails moved until the desired balance point is achieved. This type of design provides efficient handling and coupling to the tank adaptors. This type of loader is recommended when crossover of three or more products is needed.

Simple rugged construction
Meets API requirements
Counterbalance adjustment is smooth and easy
Multiple compartment loading saves time
Staggered mounting for maximum crossover

Carbis is the only company that designs and manufactures access racks and loading arms under the same roof, meaning your new bottom loading arms will work seamlessly with your new fall prevention equipment. We also offer a variety of loading arm configurations to meet and exceed the most demanding applications for loading and unloading tank trucks and rail cars.

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