Carbis Announces a New Website

New is always exciting and full of possibilities. Carbis launches a brand new website for a venture into fluid handling.

It just makes sense. For more than 80 years Carbis has been a leader in safe access and fall prevention for truck loading, rail cars, marine and aviation. Keeping employees safe is our goal so it is only natural that we would choose safe fluid handling as an added benefit for Carbis customers. Consistent quality and reliability are just as important as newness in our opinion. Carbis’ new website has excellent products and numerous solutions to your business challenges. Whether it’s custody transfer, chemical metering or packaged pumping systems we’re here to help.

Our mechanical and electrical engineers can design the support systems you need to improve your business’s throughput by making jobs safer and more efficient for employees. Skid mounted systems are compact yet easy to access for maintenance and repairs. Metering systems are beneficial for both buyer and seller because the transfer amounts are so accurate. Carbis takes the time to understand your business needs and Carbis Fluid Handling will be just as in tune with your needs.

Check out the new site:

Carbis Fluid Handing LLC is a division of Carbis

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