Chemical Feed Systems

A chemical feed system is a sizeable investment for any business. So make sure that the company you choose can help you design and build a system that works accurately for your unique business. Inferior products can wreak havoc on throughput, budgets, product quality and more.

When buying a chemical feed system make sure your investment pays off. Substandard equipment can cause all kinds of problems including inferior chemical control, high corrosion rates, reduced throughput, inconsistent product quality and even risk of damage to people or other equipment.

To get it right the first time, it’s best to find a company that offers a complete chemical feed system – from conceptual design to the tested and pre-assembled system. You, as the customer, need to be able to review and approve the designs before production begins. The company’s engineers should have the knowledge to help you choose the proper equipment for your business and make sure it meets or exceeds industry standards. Some factors to consider are dry or liquid chemicals, and manual, computerized or other types of feed system controls.

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