Crew Access Stands

Aircraft maintenance crews need love, too. So make them feel special by employing appropriate fall prevention and that includes a versatile crew access stand. These types of stands provide safe and easy access to different size aircraft and arc openings.

Because of the size, accessing an aircraft for maintenance is not an easy task. To help make it trouble-free and safer, an access stand can be a real asset. Because the maintenance crew is working at heights fall prevention is an important aspect of airports just as it is for construction.

Since airplanes come in different sizes, it’s ideal if workers have a stand that can access different size planes and arc openings. Usually crafted from steel with a powder coat finish or aluminum to resist corrosion, these types of stands have several support beams to maintain the structure’s durability. Slip-resistant steps, handrails and a neoprene rubber padded edge platform with guardrails protect employees while allowing the stand to fit close enough to the aircraft so there are no gaps between the stand and the aircraft. Access stands may also have adjustable height legs, casters and/or wheels for mobility and indoor/outdoor capabilities. 

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