Custom Truck Loading Terminals

Every business has unique needs – even when it’s one of this country’s largest oil and natural gas production companies. This fuel production company was in the process of constructing a new pipeline that would connect crude from oil fields in southwest Texas and deliver it to refineries in Houston.

However, time is money and while the pipeline was being built the company needed to keep the crude moving from the oil fields to the refinery. So they decided they wanted a temporary delivery terminal built. This way they could load tank trucks safely and efficiently, during the time they were waiting on the pipeline.

After evaluating several vendors, the company chose Carbis thanks to accommodating design capabilities, competitive pricing, and the ability to meet the company’s deadline. Combining the requirements from OSHA, the oil company and their engineering services firm, Carbis was able to custom-design a terminal that would enable workers to safely load a maximum of ten 7,560-gallon trucks simultaneously.

The end result was a five-lane tank truck terminal that includes a canopy, bottom-loading arms for safety, loading skids with grounding, and a metering system. This ideal solution integrates with the oil company’s programmable logic controller, offers gate access for networked operations, and there’s even room for future expansion if needed.

All in a day’s work for Carbis.

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