Debating Hydrofracking in New York State

If you ever want to start a heated debate, bring up the subject of hydrofracking. It’s sure to get people talking.

Over the weekend there was a hydrofracking forum in Utica, New York and the topic actually was the pros and cons of hydrofracking. Currently, hydrofracking is not allowed in New York but that may be changing. The forum was held to address both sides of the fracking debate. There was a small turnout, only 40 people, but kudos to those citizens who wanted to learn more. Proponents for hydrofracking reminded the crowd that New York has far more stringent permits process and regulations than many other states and the DEC will be enforcing those regulations.

The fact that people are even talking about hydrofracking is a good sign. As with cultivating any energy source there are pros and cons, but this country must look at alternative energy sources at home in order to combat the insanely high oil prices we’re paying now. As in investing it makes sense to diversify when using renewable fuels, too. You don’t want to depend on a single source. Look at the trouble we’re having with oil. As a country we should investigate the many sources for renewable energy too including wind, water, solar, coal, natural gas, biofuels and more.

Hydraulic fracturing is one way to obtain fuel – the crude oil locked in non-porous shale. As with every source there are pros and cons. For example, people living near wind farms complain about the noise. Something as simple as the weather or air pollution can affect the efficiency of solar cells.

Hdrofracking is a feasible answer to some of the energy issues not only in New York State but in the rest of the United States as well. We can’t afford to scrap the idea but need to be sure all the cons have been addressed to protect residents and the environment.

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