Equipment for Metering and Feeding Chemicals

When you have a company that deals with chemicals, whether it’s metering or feeding, you need the equipment that will handle chemicals safely, correctly and accurately.

Using a skid mounted chemical metering system has many benefits. The systems are self-contained, corrosion-resistant, arrive ready to install and all parts are easily visible for maintenance needs. Most importantly these systems are exceedingly accurate which is important especially when you’re transloading liquids. This way you ensure that your customers are receiving the correct amount of product. A skid-mounted system can be custom engineered to meet your company’s specific needs whether that includes blending, mixing, metering, injection, or treatment of any liquids or chemicals. Skid-mounted systems can work with diaphragm and progressive cavity pumping systems, among others.

Metering Pumps are for use in applications that require low system flow rates, high system pressure, and systems that require high flow accuracy. Positive displacement is used to pump the liquid and flow rates can be adjusted manually or automatically. Metering pumps can handle a wide range of chemicals and benefits include precise and consistent flow for improved throughput and accuracy.

All skid-mounted systems should go through rigorous testing at the factory before shipping to make sure you receive a high quality product that performs properly and is ready to install once it arrives. Each pump skid should meet chemical compatibility requirements as well. Chemical metering skid applications can include additive metering systems, mixing systems, and precise sampling systems.

Skid-mounted Chemical Feed Systems can be critical to your business. That’s why stringent quality controls should be in place to help ensure your company’s investment is justified. Improved throughput, precise chemical control, and high quality components are just a few of the benefits attained with a well-constructed skid-mounted system. A chemical feed system, starts with the proper design and ends with the delivery of a pre-assembled system that meets or exceeds industry standards.

It’s easy to justify an investment in a chemical feed system when you compare it to the cost of problems created by substandard equipment. Any of the following problems can be costly to your business:

  • Inconsistent product quality
  • Substandard chemical control
  • High corrosion rates
  • High costs due to overfeed problems
  • Reduced throughput
  • Higher labor costs due to increased operator attention
  • Risk of damage to people and other equipment

In order to create a complete chemical feed system the conceptual design comes first and is often created using 2D and 3D design software for the best representation of how the finished product will appear. You should be able to review and sign off on drawings before any production begins. Engineers will be able to help you determine the proper equipment and create the best chemical feed system for your business applications. By the end of the process your company will receive a pre-wired, pre-piped, pre-assembled, and pre-tested system that meets or exceeds industry standards.

At Carbis our versatility and knowledge set us apart from our competitors. We are not affiliated with any particular brands, so we choose the equipment and systems that are right for your specific business needs. We provide turnkey service. Everything from design and manufacturing to support functions all occur in-house. Contact us today for ideas on handling your company’s chemical transloading needs.

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