Fall Arrest Systems and Flammable Liquids Are a Deadly Mix

Because tank trucks and rail cars come in different configurations, there can be inconsistent use of guardrails on loading and unloading platforms. So companies are given some leeway in implementing what is most appropriate. However, OSHA is clear on one rule and that is “safety belts and lanyards should not be used when loading flammable liquids because the employee should be able to move freely in case of a fire.”

Given the distinct safety concerns associated with flammable liquids, a one-size-fits all solution to fall protection on commercial vehicles and rolling-stock could leave workers exposed to potentially fatal hazards. For example, if there’s a fire in the workplace, everyone is trying to exit the building safely. If you have an employee caught up in a harness, panic may cause that person to become unable to get out in time.

The best solution for keeping employees safe while working around flammable liquids is to use fall prevention. As a world leader in fall prevention, Carbis can design a system that works for your company’s unique needs. You can never risk using fall arrest around flammable liquids. This is why regularly scheduled evaluations of job duties and fall prevention systems can save the day – and employees’ lives.

Imagine if an employee were knocked unconscious during an explosion. If the explosion didn’t kill him/her, harness hang would. In an emergency, other employees will be attempting to flee, not necessarily risking their own lives to save a coworker.

Don’t waste another minute putting lives at risk if your company deals with flammable liquids. Contact Carbis for an evaluation of your current fall prevention systems and find out how they can be updated and improved.

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