Fall Prevention Solutions for Tank Trucks

If your company is looking for ways to keep drivers safer and as an added bonus make their workday more efficient by increasing throughput, it’s time you check out a few types of truck enclosures.

If your company is looking for ways to keep drivers safer and as an added bonus make their workday more efficient by increasing throughput, it’s time you check out a few types of truck enclosures. This type of equipment will improve tank truck safety, and all without having to use a lifeline or other fall protection. Why? Because this equipment is fall prevention. Drivers are able to move freely and safely around their workspace making loading and offloading procedures more efficient. Faster throughput means higher revenues for the company and greater safety for its employees. It’s a win-win.

Elevating Truck Platforms combine safety and efficiency because they run the length of the truck and have adjustable height making them versatile enough to fit most any truck. Until the time that all trucks are identical, it makes sense to have equipment that can adapt to different sizes. Elevating truck platforms have a full-length floor that provides workers with a flat non-slip surface to walk on while on top of a trailer. There’s no need to tie off with a harness, which can be cumbersome and sometimes cause additional safety issues.

Elevating truck platforms should be easy to integrate with your existing systems, yet they can always function as independent structures. This way there’s no additional load on current structures.

Elements of an Elevating Truck Platform usually include:

  • A carriage that attaches the platform to a support column
  • Counterweights concealed and protected in a support tube
  • A padded lower edge to protect vehicles against damage
  • A self-leveling gangway
  • A 42-inch high handrail, a midrail, and toeboard enclosure
  • Power options include air, electric, hydraulic or manual

When accessing truck hatches, Truck Safety Cages can provide the highest level of fall safety for your employees. You can even have them designed with your company’s unique needs in mind. Truck Safety Cages protect workers and allow them the space they need to perform their job. These enclosures provide ultimate safety while accessing truck hatches. There’s no need for tie-off systems because truck enclosures surround the operator so he/she will not fall, but there’s still enough space for freedom of movement when opening and closing hatches.

Benefits of Truck Safety Cages include:

  • Fall safety
  • Improved productivity and greater efficiency
  • No need for time-consuming harness systems
  • Maximized efficiency and throughput to increase revenue

Full Truck Enclosures run the entire length of a tanker truck or isotainer and can be fitted to existing structures, or any configuration of platform and stairs. This is another example of fall prevention to protect your employees during loading/unloading operations on multiple hatch vehicles.

Full Truck Enclosures can be customized to meet your company’s particular needs. They can be retrofitted and installed with various stair and platform configurations. For any employer, fall prevention should be the main concern, and these three types of truck enclosures can give you the peace of mind you need.

Full Truck Enclosure benefits:

  • Self-supporting design eliminates the need for foundations
  • Handles vehicles of various lengths
  • Hand rails and midrails run the full length of the vehicle
  • Power options include air drives, pneumatic, electric hydraulic methods or electric winch
  • Improves safety and throughput by eliminating the need for harness systems
  • Adjusts vertically and works with loading arms and fall prevention equipment
  • Can be used with trucks and isotainers

When workers need to access multiple hatches on top of a tank truck whether it’s for loading, unloading, inspection, venting, or sampling a full truck enclosure is an ideal piece of equipment that will pay for itself in the safety it offers and the improved throughput it helps create. The simple design can be configured to fit onto existing structures or supplied with any platform and stair configuration.

Carbis carries full truck enclosures, safety cages and elevating truck platforms that we can customize to meet your company’s needs. These pieces are crafted with the highest quality and safety in mind. Contact Carbis today for more information on how you can keep employees safe while increasing throughput for your company.

For more information click here download the FREE white paper “Fall Protection vs. Fall Prevention”.  See what OSHA has to say.

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