Fall Protection – Some of the issues to consider

Some of the issues that have to be considered in determining the correct fall protection systems are listed…more.

  • Weather – will the vehicle have to be accessed in all kinds of weather – high wind, snow, ice, rain, etc. ?
  • Time of Day – will the site be supervised late at night? Especially important with harnesses and lanyards – Is there adequate lighting for night work?
  • Frequency of Use – High frequency of use could dictate different types of equipment. A spot used infrequently could even use a portable system.
  • Cycle Time – How fast does it have to operate?
  • The Material Being Loading & Unloading – Is it hazardous? Is it flammable? If spilled, will it made the surface slippery – especially if wet?
  • Number of People Present – What is the load capacity? Will several people operate the equipment?
  • Operator vs. Driver Operating the equipment – The driver will not be trained. How easy is the equipment to operate?
  • Variety of Configurations
    • In the rack
    • In the truck – ladder, walkways, crash boxes, hatch location, vents, etc.
    • In the railcar – platform size, handrail opening, location
  • Cost – What is the total cost of installation maintenance equipment?
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