Five Fall Prevention Products for Safer Truck Access

Keeping workers safe is the responsibility of every employer. Here we discuss five products that can help keep workers who access the tops of trucks safer everyday while they work.

#1 – Flat Ramps
If your workplace has loading spots that service trucks of uniform heights then flat ramps can provide the walkway safety you need to ensure adequate fall protection for your employees. Flat truck ramps can be designed to include various types of safety cages and non-slip walking surfaces, plus custom or track mounts. These ramps can also be customized to suit your company’s specific needs as far as width and length. Standard equipped gangways will have guardrails to comply with OSHA standards. The spring balance operation makes it easy for one worker to raise and lower the ramp. However, they can be customized with hydraulics or pneumatics if needed. Another great thing about these ramps is they require minimal maintenance. Flat ramps can be sized to your specifications, and designed to integrate with your existing equipment. A padded lower edge helps prevent damage to the truck.

#2 – Telescoping Ramps
Telescoping ramps make it easier and safer to access trucks with non-standard widths although the height should be fairly uniform. Not all trucks are going to be exactly the same and the main concern in accessing them is that there can be a gap between the gangway and the truck, which could cause serious injuries during access. A telescoping ramp will resolve this issue. The operator need only push out the ramp extension to meet the truck. That’s it. As an added bonus, it can also help with misspotting. The telescoping ramp closes any gaps during access/egress so operators are safer and achieve better throughput, saving your company time and money.

#3 – Wide Gangways
Access gangways represent a critical part of any Fall Prevention plan, plus they provide improved efficiency and safety for operators accessing trucks. Wide gangways provide the highest level of fall prevention for your employees, and they can be designed to meet your company’s specifications. Wide gangways can increase accessibility for your operators and create less potential for driver misspotting saving time in the process.

#4 – Folding Stairs
With folding stairs, your employees can safely access a variety of trucks in differing heights. These stairs feature self-leveling tread that provides faster and safer access to the tops of trucks. Folding stairs can be designed for new platforms or to retrofit existing spaces. Using these types of stairs in your loading facility allows you to exceed regulatory Fall Prevention requirements. Stairs can be customized to fit your site and platform requirements. Non-sparking aluminum construction is super lightweight making these stairs easy to carry around the job site. They are also available in steel (galvanized, painted, primed, or milled), or stainless steel, whatever works best with your site’s environmental requirements.
More helpful features include:
• 500 lb. capacity
• Can be mounted one of three ways: fixed, pivoting, or track
• Slip-resistant walk surface
• Padded lower edge helps prevent damage to vehicles
• Low maintenance
• Spring-balanced operation for raising and lowering

#5 – Safety Cage
A safety cage is the ultimate in protection for your operators – guarding them from falls while giving them enough room to perform their job. Your operators will be able to work with greater efficiency and security when they use truck safety cages. Now your operators can open and close truck hatches in complete safety. The cage surrounds an operator yet also provides enough space to move freely so he/she does no need to waste time donning a harness. Your company benefits thanks to increased revenue from maximizing efficiency and getting better throughput.

Carbis can provide your company with any of the above items customized to meet your operators’ needs. We specialize in fall prevention equipment for trucks (and rail cars). Contact us today and see how we can help you meet or exceed safety standards.

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