Flatbed Fall Prevention

Often truck drivers think nothing of walking all over their load to spread a protective tarp, but depending on the load there are often uneven or unsteady walking surfaces. So here is another example where fall prevention can come into play.

There are two options for fall prevention (preferable to fall protection) when spreading protective tarps or inspecting flatbed loads.

Flatbed trailer tarping platforms can help prevent accidents by placing the worker above the danger, higher than the truck and out of harm’s way. These platforms are sturdy aluminum with side guardrails and non-slip surfaces. They make it easy for personnel to inspect loads, tarp flatbeds and remain safe.

An overhead tarping system allows workers to stay on the ground while spreading the tarp over their flatbed load. A long metal bar directed by the driver with a remote covers the length of the flatbed with a protective tarp. This way the driver’s feet never even leave the ground, so there’s no risk of a deadly fall.

Protect drivers by setting them up with flatbed fall prevention. They encounter enough risks while out on the road.

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