Focus on Alternative Fuels – Methanol

Methanol is considered an alternative fuel by the U.S. government under its Energy Policy Act of 1992. Also known as wood alcohol, methanol has chemical and physical fuel properties similar to ethanol.

While methanol is not currently popular as a vehicle fuel it still needs to be considered due to its many benefits:

• Methanol is cheaper to produce than other alternative fuels.

• It has a lower risk of flammability than gasoline.

• Because it can be manufactured from a variety of carbon-based feedstocks, including coal and natural gas, methanol can help provide increased energy security for America.

In the 1990’s methanol was actually marketed as an alternative fuel for compatible vehicles. But it didn’t last long. MIT researchers are looking at the future of natural gas as a feedstock to enable more widespread acceptance of methanol as a transportation fuel while the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is researching ways to use methanol for fuel cell vehicles.

If your company manufactures methanol or other alternative fuels, Carbis’ custody transfer systems can be manufactured to use with these fuels as well as chemical liquid transfer applications. Our engineers design and produce a skid-mounted system using 3D CAD design. Carbis’ custody transfer systems possess highly accurate and reliable metering, increasing your company’s throughput and saving money by avoiding excessive downtime.

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