Four Types Of Structural Equipment That Enhance On The Job Safety

Structural equipment is designed to be strong enough to withstand outdoor use regardless of weather. It will also enhance job safety for your company’s operators by providing fall prevention and in the case of canopies, protection from the weather.

#1 – Pipe Racks
Steel pipe racks support pipes and power cables in chemical and power plants. As exterior structures, pipe racks are usually made from non-corrosive material, or should be. If not, they need a powder coat paint to make them corrosion-resistant to outdoor elements.

Pipe racks offer heavy-duty stability and are heavy to boot. They need to be built on solid ground that won’t collapse under the weight of the racks. So be careful when choosing a site. This is the point where the professionals should be called in since this is not a DIY project. Professional companies have engineers who will design pipe racks specifically for your company’s needs and ensure that the structures meet OSHA, state, and local codes and requirements.

T-Support Racks can be built with one or two levels. T-Support racks have four-foot long cross arms with supports every 10-, 15- or 20-feet per weight and site requirements.

Bent Racks can be designed with one, two or three levels. Bent racks can clear heights from 10- to 20-feet and the base plate mounting makes them easy to install.

There are some pipe rack safety tips for employees to keep in mind:
• A minimum head height between walkways and pipe racks allows workers to walk underneath without having to duck or squat to avoid hitting their head.
• Escape routes should be clear at all times.

• Platforms must have the standard minimum width.
• Standardized ladders should have equal distance between each step.

#2 – Canopies
Canopies are installed over a loading rack to give shade and shelter to operators and your product as it is being loaded/offloaded. Canopies help keep the work area safer, dry and shaded. Throughout the year, a canopy will deflect some heat from the sun and also protect from rain, snow, sleet and other inclement weather so it is well worth the investment. With a canopy, there will be less slips, falls and contamination to product. Protection from the sun will protect workers from dehydration and poor decision-making brought on by too much heat exposure.

#3 – Stair Towers
Your business can ensure fall prevention and provide easy access to elevated areas, top of tanks and buildings with properly constructed, OSHA compliant stair towers. These outdoor towers can be constructed in various materials, and be painted or galvanized. They are also shipped in modular components for easy installation.

Some benefits of stair towers include:
• Galvanized steel construction is ideal for industrial use and for withstanding all kinds of weather.
• Can be constructed to any height.
• Your choice of paint or powder coat.
• Ideal for multiple applications.
• Excellent fall prevention with mid rails, and top rails with no large gaps between steps.

#4 – Platforms & Catwalks
Safety should be first and foremost in everyone’s mind while on a job site, especially one that involves heights. Structural platforms and catwalks allow your workers to get their job done safely so they can go home to their families every night. Access platforms and catwalks increase efficiency, drive down costs, and increase plant safety. They can also be custom designed to meet OSHA requirements and fit your particular needs.

As leaders in the Fall Prevention industry, Carbis can design any of this structural equipment to meet your company’s needs as well as ensuring that all equipment meets or exceeds OSHA, local, and other necessary requirements. Contact Carbis today and see how we can help keep your employees safer and boost productivity simultaneously.

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