Helicopter Maintenance Stands

Having the proper tools is vital to performing an excellent and thorough job in any industry. When maintaining helicopters it’s very important – especially to the people flying in them. Ensure that your company’s maintenance crew has exactly what they need to properly maintain your helicopter fleet.

Designed to be easily maneuvered helicopter maintenance stands can be made specifically to work with different helicopter manufacturers including: Bell, Augusta, Enstrom, Sikorsky and more.

Mechanics can perform their job safely on a platform that has slip resistant tread, handrails and guardrails. A lift system allows for adjustable height. Rubber padding on the side facing the helicopter protects from scratches and dents to the finish. Platforms are able to roll right up to the helicopter so there are no gaps that could swallow a foot or leg. Heavy-duty locking casters and floor levelers add stability.

Issues with ladders and other platforms are that they can be bulky to maneuver, or they may not offer true fall protection and can actually make the work more dangerous by not providing easy access to the helicopter. Platforms made to work with specific manufacturers’ products can help eliminate costly injuries to maintenance personnel. Knowing they aren’t risking a fall allows workers to focus on the job. Platforms are also easy to store and have supports for extra strength and durability.

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