How to Know if Your Loading Rack Needs an Update

If loading racks came with expiration dates it would be easy to tell when you needed addressing. But because they don’t it can be difficult sometimes to know when one needs updating. Maybe the current loading rack got to the jobsite before you did and you may not really know what it was designed to do. Or maybe your company’s loading rack has seen better days after many years of service.

If the loading rack on the job is beginning to show its years or you have no idea what vehicle(s) the loading rack was built for and there’s no documentation, it’s probably time for an update. At the very least have it evaluated to make sure it meets industry standards. The dangers of using outdated fall prevention equipment are many and can cause huge losses for your company whether it is in lives, injuries, lawsuits, or downtime. If you notice any of the following, give Carbis a call and we will come to your jobsite and evaluate your fall prevention equipment:

• Gaps or inconsistencies in alignment between the platform and vehicle.
• If your company is not using the loading rack, then it is just taking up valuable space on the jobsite.
• Outdated equipment can incur expensive fines and monetary losses if your company is shut down.
• Injuries cause expense, downtime, and possible lawsuits.

Knowing your company has the correct fall prevention equipment will give you peace of mind and your workers will be safer and more productive on the job. Carbis can consult with you to help determine workers’ specific needs and make sure your company’s fall prevention equipment is up to current OSHA standards.

When your company provides up-to-date fall prevention equipment like loading racks for employees, you will automatically:

• reduce the potential for falls and other injuries
• increase employee productivity
• provide access to multiple hatches on different types of trucks or railcars
• have a custom designed or at least an OSHA recommended model

If you would benefit from an evaluation, call Carbis today at 800.948.7750 and make sure your loading rack and other fall prevention equipment are currently meeting industry requirements.

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