Loading Rack Canopies

Canopies are a simple addition to a loading rack yet they bring multiple benefits. For workers, canopies protect from glaring sun and dehydrating heat. They also protect workers and product from rain, sleet and snow.

Keep work areas safe, dry and shaded with a canopy. Having a canopy on a loading rack helps protect operators and product from the elements during loading and offloading. A canopy can contribute to smoother-running procedures helping workers to be more productive. It’s well worth the investment since a canopy provides protection all year long.

Add a canopy that extends over each vehicle hatch to keep workers and product safe and dry. This additional protection also creates less chance for slips and falls. Remember this simple formula: Better Protection = Better Workflow.

Canopies can be constructed for rail car or truck loading racks and can be full or half canopies depending on your company’s needs. Creating a safer work environment will cut down on injuries, saving the company time and money.

Carbis can create a unique canopy for your company or design a completely new terminal system with canopy included.

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