LPG – The Least “Alternative” Alternative Fuel

In America’s never-ending search for alternative fuel sources there are several that seem promising — solar, wind, biofuels, water, ethanol, natural gas and LPG or liquefied petroleum gas. LPG is widely available so it’s often referred to as the least “alternative” of the alternative fuels.

Liquefied petroleum gas comes from two sources (1) the byproduct of petroleum refining, and (2) natural gas processing. LPG is already being used in other countries as vehicle fuel, but not in the United States.

One reason could be that dealing with the transfer of LPG can be tricky since it maintains a liquid state only at certain pressures. This is why when transferring LPG it’s essential to have an accurate metering system. Consistent flow and pressures must be maintained at all times so the gas will remain in a constant liquid state. Another caveat when using LPG is that it’s colorless and odorless. Therefore, an odorant must be injected to identify leaks.

With increased “at home” demand for affordable fuels, your company’s investment in a high quality LPG skid-mounted system from Carbis, a leader in fuel handling and processing, will benefit your business with accurate pressure, metering, transferring, and odorant injection.

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