Marine Ladders, Towers and Loading Arms

Increase productivity and fall prevention simultaneously using a variety of fall prevention equipment that can be customized for your specific marine loading and offloading needs.

Safety is key when working on ships and barges because of the unique risks inherent in these jobs. Protect your workers by ensuring your marine fall prevention equipment is up to date.

Marine Ladders are designed to withstand particularly demanding marine access applications. The marine grade aluminum construction is sturdy enough to help prevent falls even in hazardous conditions. Marine Ladders are lightweight yet they’re exceedingly durable because they resist corrosion from weather, salt water and chemicals.

Safety features include:
• slip-resistant coating
• aluminum angle cleats for traction
• open truss construction to reduce weight and wind resistance
• some have rollers on the dock side to easily conform to changes in the ship’s float
• safety shoes with rubber tread improve ladder’s footing on many surfaces
• ladder styles with handrails start 4-feet from the bottom

Towers allow workers safe access to all levels regardless of the shape or size of the ship. Protect those who work on your multi-level ships by using either fixed, elevator or telescopic gangways for tower access to different levels. All towers are aluminum, which is lightweight, extremely tough and resists the elements.

Tower options:
• hydraulic, crane or pneumatic driven systems
• slip-resistant, self-leveling stairs with open serrated design
• can be adjusted to compensate for variations in tide and ship’s equipment

Stair Towers are OSHA compliant and consist of stairs, a landing, mid rail and top rail. All are made with quality components for the ultimate fall prevention. Multi-level towers can be used for several applications, not just marine. Use towers for construction, elevated platforms and buildings. With a properly constructed tower, your business will ensure fall prevention for your workers and provide easy access to elevated areas, top of tanks and buildings.

Stair tower benefits:
• ideal for multiple applications
• can be made to any height
• excellent fall prevention with mid rails, top rails and no large gaps between steps
• galvanized steel easily handles industrial uses and all sorts of weather

Marine Loading Arms are better than hoses in so many situations. The issues with hoses are that not only are they heavy, they create tripping hazards and sometimes they leak or break causing a production slow down. You can eliminate these hazards by using marine loading arms instead. The great thing about loading arms is that they’re powered and counter balanced for easy use. There’s no need for a worker to injure his/her back dragging around a heavy hose. Save time, money and manpower while adding safety with marine loading arms. They provide the strength and stability needed to get the job done. Loading arms can transfer at higher rates and pressures than hoses so they will even increase your company’s efficiency and productivity.

Marine loading arm benefits:
• more dock workspace once hoses are removed
• can be designed with fail safes to protect from major spills
• ergonomic design means less injury and less time missed for workers
• using hand controls and hydraulic power, marine loading arms need less manpower

The one thing that remains consistent for all worksites is safety and certainly ships are no exception. Substandard access can mean slips, falls and injuries for workers, which means losses like downtime and worker’s compensation for your company. Safety is the thread that connects all ship activities. So contact Carbis today to make sure your workers have updated OSHA compliant equipment including gangways, towers, ladders, loading arms and more.

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