Maximize Workplace Safety And Efficiency With A Loading Arm

When you need to move liquids and liquefied gases from one tank to another, a loading arm is often your best option.Learn how implementing a loading arm benefits workplace safety and production efficiency.

There are some instances, such as the transport of bleach or hydrochloric acid, when hoses are necessary for the movement of liquids. However, many facilities rely on hoses in circumstances where a loading arm would offer greater production efficiency while benefiting workplace safety.

Here are a few ways loading arms offer businesses transporting liquid materials a superior option.

Loading Arms Are Better For Fall Prevention

Hoses left lying around on platforms present a safety hazard. Workers could easily trip on them and become injured. Additionally, when implemented in a custom manner by an expert company, loading arms can be integrated with a facility’s fall prevention equipment. Loading arms are also less likely to leak than hoses, which reduces the chances of a worker slipping on liquid residue.

Loading Arms Offer Better Environmental Safety

When they wear out or are transporting contents of a higher pressure than they are designed to, hoses may explode. If the liquid contents being transported are hazardous chemicals or petroleum, the cleanup of these hazardous materials costs businesses a great deal of money. Loading arms, on the other hand, do not pose a risk of explosion.

Loading Arms Are Easier To Use

Hoses are bulky and heavy, making them difficult to move around and offering employees fewer ergonomic benefits. Loading arms produce less strain on workers, which leaves them with more energy to accomplish other tasks and less likely to experience injuries.

Loading Arms Last Longer Than Hoses

Loading arms are a much better long-term investment than hoses. In fact, due to the dangers of a worn-out hose, many companies require that hoses be replaced every year. Hoses also need to be inspected much more frequently than loading arms.

Loading Arms Boost Production Efficiency

Loading arms connect more quickly to the tops of trucks and rail cars. This means liquids are pumped in and out faster, increasing a facility’s throughput capacity and speeding up the supply chain.

In most instances, loading arms are superior to hoses when it comes to transporting liquids or liquefied gases. To get the most out of your loading arm investment, it’s crucial that you work with a company that has a proven track record of implementing high-quality, custom safety solutions. When you work with experts, they are able to tailor your loading arm to your facility’s specific needs, providing better access and saving you money on extraneous features.

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