Military Aircraft Systems

Military aircraft systems are versatile enough to replace many of the ladders and stands that have been used as access in the past. With an onboard motor and steering, this steel constructed system is easy to maneuver and has adjustable height platforms that can provide safe and effective access to a number of aircraft systems.

Just like a commercial airline, the military has trained personnel to maintain their fleet and keep it in tiptop shape. Since aircraft are not always easy to access because of their height and size, system-loading platforms can come in handy giving workers access to multiple locations on an aircraft. A self-powered system provides safe access to the wings, tail, rudder and pylon. Platform heights are adjustable, too.

Crafted from steel for long life and durability, a military aircraft system can replace many of the stands and ladders that have been used in the past. Maintenance stands have an onboard engine, steering capabilities and “creep mode” to allow close positioning to the aircraft without causing damage. Slip-resistant stairs and upper level platforms help prevent falls. Removable handrails allow for adjustments to achieve access to a variety of aircraft types and sizes. There are also tie off points for fall arrest systems.

Long life, maneuverability, worker safety, adjustable height and slip resistant surfaces make military aircraft systems a worthy investment.

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