Platforms, Catwalks and Stair Towers – Fall Prevention for Safety at Heights

Working above ground level is always risky. That’s why there’s OSHA compliant fall prevention from Carbis. We construct platforms, catwalks and stair towers that can withstand industrial and stand up to weather. This equipment allows workers to be able to move about freely by providing a sturdy walking surface and guardrails to prevent falls.

Custom designed fall prevention can help keep workers safe while they perform their jobs. As a company owner, you are responsible for your workers’ safety. Because most job sites have different needs you need someone who can design and construct fall prevention equipment that’s OSHA compliant and meets your specific jobsite needs.

Access platforms and catwalks can provide outstanding fall prevention. They are built using steel, stainless steel or aluminum so they will be able to tolerate different temperatures and weather conditions. Catwalks and platforms are used to allow workers to safely access workstations, monitor or service equipment that’s positioned high above the ground.

Both platforms and catwalks have non-slip work surfaces and their mid and top guardrails protect against falls. Another great benefit is that catwalks and platforms can be customized to integrate with existing structures. By using this type of fall prevention, your company can increase safety and lower costs because increased worker safety brings with it a higher level of efficiency to improve throughput for your company.

Different job sites will have different requirements. But all platforms and catwalks need to have four things (1) OSHA compliance, (2) the ability to conform to local laws, (3) meet each company’s specific needs and (4) maintain safety as its highest priority.

Now on to stair towers. These multi-level structures consist of stairways, landings, plus mid and top railings. Stair towers can be used for bridges, construction, elevated platforms and buildings. Towers can access work levels within a scaffold by erecting the tower next to the scaffold or placing the stairs inside the scaffolding.

Ensure fall prevention for your workers and provide safe access to elevated areas, tops of tanks and buildings with an OSHA compliant stair tower. Stair towers are usually built with galvanized steel, which is then covered in a powder coat finish for protection against corrosion and to meet local building codes.

Because there are no large gaps between steps and mid rails and top rails protect workers, stair towers make for excellent fall prevention. A few other benefits include the fact that these towers can be built to any height, they work for many job applications and they’re shipped in modular components making installation easy.

Platforms, catwalks and stair towers are excellent examples of fall prevention because they allow your employees safe access to critical areas without restricting movement. Especially when heights are involved, safety on the job should always be your company’s top priority. Carbis engineers have extensive experience designing and constructing fall prevention for a number of businesses. Contact us today and see how we can help your business and employees thrive.

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