Safer Ship Access with Stage Gangways

From tankers to bulk carriers to barges, the main theme for all these vessels is safety. Whether for passengers or workers, access and egress should be safe and free of obstacles.

When people and product need to move from the dock to the ship, dock access can be provided with a portable gangway. At Carbis, we carry three different types of non-permanent dock access: stage gangways, bowed truss gangways and straight truss gangways.

Be prepared at every port when you have a portable gangway on board. These gangways can provide the flexibility you need because they can conform to the change in tide as well as variations in a ship’s empty and product-laden deck elevations. Rollers on the dock side are what allow the gangway to conform to the ship’s movement.

Stage gangways are economical and lightweight. A perforated walking surface provides drainage, which in turn creates better traction for added safety. Rope handrails also keep it lightweight. This basic stage gangway has a width choice of 24- or 28-inches and a distributed load capacity of 750 pounds.

A bowed truss gangway looks just like it sounds. The gangway has low height truss construction with a slight arch in the middle for added strength to accommodate a distributed load capacity of 2,000 pounds. Marine grade aluminum alloy construction creates durability and strength, yet the gangway remains lightweight. The two-foot wide aluminum deck plate can have optional slip-resistant coating and aluminum angle cleats to provide even better traction and added safety. Rigid handrails create sturdy access especially over longer distances or while carrying a load.

Straight truss gangways don’t have the arch or “bow” that the bowed truss gangway has. However, it’s just as strong and able to accommodate a distributed load capacity of 2,000 pounds. The truss is built higher on the sides, high enough to act as a mid-rail, which adds extra safety. Top rails are rope. The marine aluminum construction resists corrosion from weather extremes while providing strength, durability and a lighter weight for portability.

Time is money in every business. Make sure your business uses its time wisely with safety equipment from Carbis. Our gangways meet OSHA requirements and ensure fall prevention to keep your employees safe on the job minimizing downtime and ultimately leading to higher revenue.

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