Sam Carbis Solutions Group is Now CWB Certified

Screenshot_8Just like in the United States, Canada has rules and regulations when it comes to construction jobs that require welding whether the job is constructing a warehouse, a hospital, a steel girder bridge, or other structural components. In the case of Sam Carbis Solutions Group, in order to provide our steel fall protection equipment in Canada, we needed to ensure that we were following Canadian standards, including CSA Standard S16 Design of Steel Structures. These codes and standards are for all Canadian, US, and/or international companies that work with or provide structural welded products for use in Canada.

In the United States, the American Welding Society (AWS) oversees the welding process and in Canada, the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) is the group that provides certification. In order to be CWB certified we went through a review and qualification process to ensure we met the requirements specified in CSA Standards for W47.1. Sam Carbis Solutions Group is now certified in W47.1, “Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel, Division 2”.

We follow the Canadian Standards Association’s (CSA) requirements with respect to personnel, procedures, and workmanship. Every certified company has to employ a sufficient number of experienced welding supervisors and welding engineers to control the welding operations.

Sam Carbis Solutions Group was required to submit our welding procedures, which were evaluated and approved once we met their standard’s requirements. All companies have to have this certification before doing any work in the country.

Division 2
Our Division 2 status means we are required to have on retainer a registered professional engineer who is responsible for our welding related activities.

Sam Carbis Solutions Group improves worker safety in the marine, trucking, and railway industries by constructing terminals, loading racks and access equipment such as stairs, gangways, towers, platforms and more. Our high standards helped us fulfill the requirements for CWB certification. Soon, Sam Carbis Solutions Group will be manufacturing fall prevention structures that ensure Canadian workers a safer work place.

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