Ship Towers For All Level Access

A fall off the side of a ship from several stories high can do great damage to the body even when falling into water. At those heights water will not welcome anyone with open arms. Depending on how the body lands is another factor. If the body is lateral when it hits the water, the deceleration force will be worse than if a person falls feet first. Either way there’s probably going to be some injury. Avoid falls with safe, all-level access using ship towers.

When working on a ship every day, safe access to all levels is a must for you and your employees. Tower gangway systems provide safe and versatile access. Towers can be constructed using whatever design works best for your company whether the gangways are fixed, telescopic or include an elevator. Workers can gain access to different levels on any size ship from barges to super tankers. Another plus is that ship towers are constructed from aluminum providing corrosion resistance, light weight and strength.

Ship towers should be adjustable to compensate for variations in tide and ship equipment. In order to ensure solid footing, self-leveling stairs need an open serrated design to keep liquids from pooling and feet from slipping. Tower systems can be hydraulic, crane or pneumatic driven and most have mounting options to allow for loading/unloading and floating movements.

Don’t take chances with lives. Use ship towers for safe and rapid access to all levels of a ship.

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