Skid or Transloader Which Should You Choose for Fluid Transfer?

Fluid handling is a dangerous business. Your system operators really have to know what they are doing when loading and offloading chemicals, crude oil, liquefied natural gas and other fluids.

If you are debating over what type of system your company requires, both skid-mounted systems and mobile transloaders do the same job. Your company’s need for one or the other actually depends on your location. If your company has a permanent physical location whether that is a refinery, truck or rail terminal with existing safe access platforms, headers, and pumps you still need meters and valves at each loading/unloading spot, you just don’t need all the equipment on a mobile trailer. Once the system is delivered and set up it isn’t planning to go anywhere. In this instance the skid mounted system works best. Since the system is contained on a skid, it is easier to maintain and is much safer for workers because it’s made to handle fluids safely and without leaks or spills. Plus the meters let you keep highly accurate records of the amount of product transferred.

A mobile transloader is a skid-mounted system that is mounted on a trailer thereby making it mobile. For situations where no infrastructure exists – like crude oil fields – a mobile transloader is the perfect system for the job. When a tank truck goes to the rail spur where rail cars are waiting to be filled, the truck pulls up to the rail car that has the transloader sitting next to it. Once the tank car is filled, the transloader moves to the next rail car until all are full. The mobility of this self-sufficient transloader is critically important. The skid mounted to the trailer has to contain everything needed to do the job: pump, meter, valves, controls, and a printer. If you are on a remote job site and don’t have all the equipment you need, you are sadly out of luck and could lose out in a big way.

With a mobile transloader you have the benefits of a skid-mounted system – safety, accuracy, easy accessibility – with the added ability to pack up and move to a new location when necessary. If you purchase your system from Carbis Fluid Handling, there will be integrated fall protection incorporated to further protect your workers.

If your company is in need of a custom designed and manufactured fluid handling system contact Carbis Fluid Handling today. We can construct a skid mounted or trailer mounted system to fit your specific needs.


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