Survival of the Fittest – Portable Platforms Help Your Business Adapt

Portable platforms with their versatility and flexibility not only provide safe access, they also create a more streamlined workflow. Because there are no standard configurations for tank truck and rail car hatches they can all be a bit different making it difficult for certain fall prevention equipment to work properly when loading and unloading. However, if your company uses portable access platforms that are height adjustable and easy to maneuver around the workplace, daily tasks go much more smoothly and falls are prevented.

Portable loading platforms can be the best solution in many workplaces. They allow operators safe access to vehicle hatches without having the need for a fixed platform or ladder. Adaptable equipment with improved safety features keeps your company ahead of the game.

Portable platforms are essential for safer transloading of rail cars and tank trucks. Some styles can be manufactured to work with both types of rolling stock. If the platform is made for dual vehicles it can be placed between the two. Then the worker can deploy gangways to walk safely to the top hatches. Often, these platforms can accommodate hoses, pumps and motors to ensure that all your company’s requirements are met. 

By eliminating the need to outsource product transfers, your company can save money with a dual vehicle transloading access platform. It’s a simple and safe way to transfer products quickly between vehicles. Greater throughput, safer work environment and higher revenues are all benefits your company can garner.

Specifically for tank trucks, the TTX Portable Tank Truck Access System is a lightweight, low-cost system that features a galvanized steel base with 16-inch foam-filled wheels. It also has an aluminum access ladder that can be raised and lowered using a hand winch, and a fall prevention cage for worker safety and fall prevention. It’s an effective temporary way to deliver fall prevention to industrial sites requiring bulk loading and unloading. This is a great alternative when your business doesn’t need a permanent loading spot.

The Portable Tank Truck Access System is compact enough to store in a small space at your facility. It’s easily maneuvered by one person; height adjustable and rubber bumpers protect the tops of trucks.

The TC10 is a portable platform for both tank trucks and rail cars. It has several features including:

  • Safety cage at top of ladder
  • Handrails on platform, ladder and base
  • Leveling jacks
  • Hand winch operation
  • Steering handle with tow bar
  • Open serrated metal plank walking surfaces
  • Galvanized steel base with foam filled wheels

This flexible fall prevention solution gives your operators the flexibility that a fixed platform cannot and eliminates the need for ladders. Platform can be used for opening hatches, loading, unloading, inspections, and more. The truck access unit is designed to be compatible with tank trucks, iso-containers and hopper trucks so there’s no need to purchase multiple units.

The platform’s smaller footprint saves space in your facility and it can be repurposed in the future to provide access that supports new processes, making your company quicker to adapt to change and keeping you ahead of the curve.

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