Top 10 Reasons Loading Arms are Better than Hoses

There are three types of loading arms: top loading, bottom loading, and dry bulk. Each type has its own specific use. Top loading arms can be used with rail cars and tank trucks for loading and unloading certain chemicals. Another plus is that these arms can be manufactured to integrate seamlessly with your company’s fall prevention helping to create a more efficient and safer workplace.

Bottom loading arms are the safest since the operator has his/her feet on the ground at all times eliminating the risk of a fall. They are also efficient at using gravity to do most of the work. Dry bulk arms, with their overhead design, are ideal for reaching multiple outlet locations on a rail car or tank truck.

While there will be times when hoses are the best tool for the job, loading arms are often the preferred method for safely loading and unloading product as it pertains to the operator and the environment.

  1.  Loading arms are easily maneuvered whereas hoses are heavy and require multiple workers to move or one worker who doesn’t mind risking a back injury.
  2. Loading arms do not create a trip hazard like hoses do. They store easily, folding closed, up and out of the way.
  3. Hoses can wear out and burst due to constantly being dragged across concrete. This does not happen with loading arms.
  4. Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC, will custom design and manufacture loading arms to integrate with your company’s existing fall prevention equipment.
  5. Swivel joints allow for flexibility providing excellent range of motion reaching more openings.
  6. Easy operation.
  7. Product compatibility with metals and seals.
  8. More ergonomic loading and unloading process.
  9. More efficient workplace using less manpower.
  10. Loading arms make quicker connections and load/unload faster providing better throughput for your company.

There are times when hoses are the best equipment for the job. Hoses are flexible, often more so than loading arms, but they wear out quicker due to weather exposure and/or dragging them across concrete. Hoses are heavy, bulky and create a trip hazard. They are also a constant cost due to their rapid wear.

 If your company needs a better solution to constantly replacing hoses contact Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC now and we can help your company save money long term by:1) not having to buy replacement hoses often, 2) keeping workers safer by using ergonomically correct equipment, 3) custom designed loading arms will not interfere with fall protection, and 4) becoming more efficient saving time and manpower.

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