Track Pans Help Keep Spills in Check

Rail cars and tank trucks transporting harmful chemicals and fuels are bound by OSHA and the EPA to be prepared for an accidental spill. Drips, spills and overfilling can seep into the ground or run off into a water supply. Spill containment pans help your company meet the necessary standards for spill containment.

Be Prepared
Spills will happen when you least expect them. That’s why you need to be prepared. The foremost reasons a spill might happen are:

  • hose connection or valve failure
  • accidental overfill
  • leaky valve
  • residual fluid spill from hoses, valves and other equipment

Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC has spill containment pans that meet the required environmental regulations, are designed to contain drips, spills, and leaks, and offer years of reliable service.

Custom Designs
Spills can be costly to both the environment and your business but Sam Carbis Solutions Group has the answer. Our spill containment track pans can be designed to meet your company’s unique needs with:

  • heavy-gauge carbon steel construction, galvanized or stainless; or aluminum if needed
  • steel construction that’s stronger and longer lasting than fiberglass
  • end-to-end positioning for continuous coverage
  • stand-alone center pans for staging, storage, or non-loading areas
  • combo spill pans for truck/rail
  • optional steam heating and rain covers available, too

In addition, all fasteners are made of stainless steel. This maximizes their resistance to corrosion.

Benefits of Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC Track Pans

  • steel or aluminum construction means longer life
  • simple installation on existing or new tracks
  • minimum track downtime during installation
  • modular system saves money long term because if there’s damage only that one section needs replacing
  • if there’s heavy foot traffic, optional bar grated surfaces can be added above the track pans
  • steel construction helps avoid cracking that may result with non-steel pans
  • since you need only replace a damaged section you save money
  • pans are reusable so it’s easier to move them when yard layouts or fueling facility locations change

We also provide your company with installation options:

  • pre-formed pans to fit curves.
  • pans can be installed between concrete platforms on each fueling track.
  • underdrains can be included.
  • pans can be fitted around rail joints easily by field cutting with a torch.
  • modifications can be made quickly in the field.

If your company transports toxic fuels or chemicals, OSHA and EPA requirements state you must have a spill containment process in use in case there’s an accidental spill. Having track pans in place can save you time, money and lots of clean-up headaches. Contact Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC today and we’ll get you prepared before disaster strikes.

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